In order to improve its proximity to its customers which are at the heart of its concerns and in an approach of continuous improvement of its services, the National Office of Electricity and Water (ONEE) wished to conduct a satisfaction survey with the different segments of its customers in the two branches: Electricity and Water.

Expert in supporting companies who wish to improve customer satisfaction, our team has been retained in this powerful marketing approach.


The visuals were originally created in french, here is a translation:

  1. Identify key criteria to be evaluated during the customer journey
  2. Measure customer satisfaction
  3. Understand underlying reasons for (un)satisfaction
  4. Provide enhancement solutions brainstormed and validated through workshops
  5. Set priorities and trigger the action plan


We used A 3-step methodology that helped us identify the levers which ONEE could use to improve the level of satisfaction of the different segments of its customers. The visuals were originally created in french, here is a translation:

  1. Define mission framework
  2. Conduct qualitative study
  3. Conduct quantitative study
  4. Provide recommendations

Step 1 

  • Analysed the structure of ONEE clients
  • Set expectations for this survey within ONEE
  • Prepared the mission methodological note
Step 2

  • Identified evaluation criteria
  • Modeled customer journey
  • Survey mode: focus groups and individual interviews
Step 3 

  • Measured satisfaction as defined by the chosen criteria for evaluating the customer journey
  • Analysed current strengths and weaknesses to …
  • …Provide recommendations
  • Survey mode: face to face

25+ years of experience

doing market research related to customer experience 

Senior team

equiped with both methodological expertise and business knowloedge

Powerful national wide field reach

with 16 surveyed regions via face to face and phone interviews

Full data control

from collection to analysis, each step is carried out 100% by our teams, we do not outsource anything


B2B and B2C clients interviewed

Cities / Douars surveyed across Morocco

Focus groups conducted

Surveyors on the field for 7 weeks

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